British Tech Network XBMC Plugin

Exciting times here at the least used blog on the internets – I have created a new page which has details of my new XBMC plugin for watching videos for The British Tech Network, please find it here:


More updates coming soon!


Bring Back Gremlins!

So I was watching Gremlins at Christmas (still one of my favourite Xmas films) and afterwards had to immediately go find Gremlins 2 and watch that also (not as good, but hey.)

So where’s Gremlins 3? I remember reading over a year ago that it was on it’s way, and in 3D. Frankly I couldn’t care about the 3D part, but I want a decent film! After all, everything these days has to be a trilogy right?


Merry Xmas to All







Credit to Elmohead: http://bit.ly/euv2ZR

Just a quick message to say Merry Xmas to all who celebrate it. Wherever you are this year, I hope you are enjoying yourself and that the new year brings you much luck an happiness.


A Universe of Stupidity


Well ok, just a small part of it.

I was in my local Tesco store the other day, when I spied a stand with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while ans rushed straight over to the two display models, affixed to the stand….

Except… they were fake. They were dummy plastic display models, like you get in mobile phone shops.

Even I -who knows what this product can do- walked away with the impression of it being a boring, lifeless piece of plastic. I guess many others did too – the shelf was still fully stocked.


PS: I feel I should also mention the Kinect demo stand they had – except it was stuck on a “configure kinect” screen, with no one on hand to sort it. Why bother then?!




There is a “big” Facebook announcement due tomorrow, and my money is on Skype integration. Facebook signed a deal with Skype on this a few weeks back, but details were not revealed at the time.

So will you use it? Do you really want to talk to everyone you’ve added on Facebook? Really?

For me I use both separatley so it depends how far they integrate -I’m not so sure I want my contacts to merge, and certainly not my online status!

Could be interesting though.


Long days become long weeks, become…


How easy it it is to let time slip away.

I have been so caught up with things -especially work- I have not had time to post. Last week was a prime example. All week I was up till the early hours running jobs that had to be done at night, then flew off to Berlin on the Friday -worked the whole weekend then flew back Monday. Then back to work. It seems more tiring these days then it used to.

So apologies to my friends if I have not been in touch, things will calm down soon. At least I hope so!


Lacuna Coil at The Lemon Grove

Lacuna Coil

After many years of wanting to, I finally got to see Lacuna Coil in Exeter last night.

Absolutely fantastic. The Lemon Grove is such a small and intimate venue, so you really feel “up-close” with the band. And then I hung about a good hour-and half after the show – so I got to meet all (but one) of the band members! Kudos to them for being so friendly. Cristina took a hell of a long time to appear -but I did get a hug from her so it was worth the wait! Much to my dismay my phone was not charged, so I couldn’t get a picture with her. I did get a random fan to take a picture and text it to me, but it still hasn’t come through yet! Ah well.

I also met a couple of old friends there and it was really good to see them again. Great night.

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